Get automation at your fingertip with anydone

September 13, 2023 • 5 mins • By anydone editorial team

In today’s working environment, tools that automate tasks and streamline workflow have become crucial for organizations striving to enhance productivity.

These tools boost productivity by eliminating repetitive and monotonous tasks, so teams can focus on what matters most. 

So, if you’re searching for an all-in-one advanced collaboration platform with powerful automation tools and features, look no further, an AI-powered anydone, is at your disposal.

Moreover, you can get automation at your fingertip with anydone collaboration platform for optimizing workflows and boosting productivity. With anydone, teams can streamline their tasks and achieve more in less time. 

Here are some of the automation features offered by anydone:


Among the wide range of automation features offered by anydone, one notable feature is Zipy, the personal AI assistant powered by generative AI. 

With Zipy, you can harness its capabilities to perform various tasks and also you can interact with your team members through automation. 

For instance, Zipy can assist in generating high-quality content, writing code, creating to-do lists, scheduling messages, and more. 

Basically, it serves as a virtual assistant, enabling users to accomplish various tasks efficiently and effortlessly. Remember, Ask Zipy Anything, to Do Everything


With anydone Auto-Assign automation feature, tickets are automatically assigned to team members who have finished their pending tasks and are available. 

This feature saves time for project managers as they no longer need to manually search for available team members when assigning tickets. 

Instead, anydone takes care of distributing the tasks, allowing project managers to focus on other important responsibilities. 

All in all, this automation feature improves efficiency and ensures smooth task allocation within the team.


With anydone, you can create custom bots to handle repetitive tasks and improve the messaging experience. Automating tasks like scheduling, assigning, etc saves time and boosts productivity. 

Nevertheless, you can train these bots and customize them according to your needs so that you can get rid of mundane tasks. 

Overall, custom bots enhance the messaging experience by providing efficient and personalized interactions, streamlining workflows, and making communication within the organization smoother.


Discover the power automation that aims to improve meetings and make them productive and interactive through Meet-Assist

You can get automatic transcription. And, most importantly this transcription comes with a timestamp so you can easily find who says what and when. 

To make it more reliable it has robust search options so that you can easily find the topic you are searching for. 

 Not only that, it comes with a translation so you can collaborate with clients, teams, or anyone regardless of the language they speak. 

Nevertheless, anydone meet-assist generates summaries, and meeting minutes based on the transcribed text from your meeting, making it easy to recall what was discussed. 

Last but not least, it also has action teams that allow you to take immediate action on issues discussed in the meeting.  

Automated Reply

Automated reply is a handy automation feature of anydone that allows you to set up predefined responses for common incoming queries. 

When someone sends you a common inquiry, you don’t have to type out a response from scratch. Instead, you can rely on the pre-set automated reply to deliver a quick response. 

This is especially useful when you’re not available or offline or busy with your task. By using automated reply, you can provide timely answers, even when you’re unable to respond immediately. 

It saves you time and ensures that the person contacting you receives an instant reply message.

Auto ticket

With the auto ticket feature, you can create tickets seamlessly. Simply mention any issues, tasks, or bugs in your messages then, it will automatically create a ticket without the need for any manual work. 

Just mention your need to create a ticket, and it will take care of creating the tickets promptly. 

This feature helps you stay organized, ensuring that all the important tasks and issues are properly tracked, addressed, and assigned.


Automation tools that streamline tasks and save time have become essential for organizations to boost productivity.

Therefore, for organizations of any type and size anydone, an AI-powered collaboration platform offers advanced automation features to optimize workflows and increase productivity. 

With anydone, teams can easily manage their tasks and stay productive all the time. The platform includes Zipy, a personal AI assistant, which can perform various tasks efficiently. 

The Auto-Assign feature assigns tickets automatically to available team members, saving time for project managers. 

The Automated Reply feature allows for quick and preset responses to common inquiries. Similarly, custom bots further enhance communication and streamline workflows. 

Lastly, the Auto Ticket feature simplifies ticket creation by automatically generating them when issues are mentioned in messages. 

Nevertheless, by embracing automation with anydone, organizations can improve efficiency and achieve their goals effectively. So, what are you waiting for, join now and experience the power of automation right away.